Customer Reviews

Author: N Plasted


Thank you for a great creation and great service! It was a truly spot on experience. Many thanks Neil


Author: P Gildea



Delighted with the " Tree of life " clock. Excellent quality and craftmenship. Darren was always available to answer any queries. Fast and effecient delivery. Setting up the clock yourself was trouble free thanks to the comprehensive instruction manual provided.


Author: P Kemp


I try and collect beautiful works of art and the Sunflower wooden clock takes pride of place. Everything from the intricate fret work to the melodious ticking that soothes a troubled mind to restful peace. Art in motion that captivates all our friends who always insist on winding the clock to be part of the wonder of simple and elegant workmanship. Some things just catch your eye and this is one of them.


Author: K Owens



The quality and workmanship of this clock is amazing - it is so beautiful we can't stop looking at it and noticing new details we had not seen before. The instructions are very clear - I am not the greatest DIYer in the world but I followed the instructions, took great care over the levelling, and the clock worked straight away and is so far is keeping perfect time without any adjustment needed. As you can tell my wife and I are delighted with the clock -our ony regret is that with covid lockdown we can't show it off to our friends and family. We expect many years of enjoyment from what is effectively a work of art. Many thanks Darren


Author: R Neale


We are over the moon with our work of art! It has an almost hypnotic rhythm to the pendulum swing, and it looks stunning. It has pride of place in our living room. The care and attention given to the packaging and to the detailed instructions is just brilliant. How wonderful to be able to create such a magical clock!