Operating Your Clock

Operating your clock is very simple but please make sure you read this short section so that you can ensure that the clock is operated correctly.

Step 1 - Winding The Clock

Winding the clock is very simple and there is no need to stop the clock during winding.

Hold the winding handle (the smaller of the two cylinders hanging next to the pendulum) and pull downwards at a steady pace (as a guide to speed, it should take no more than a couple of seconds) . This will raise the weight on the other side of the pendulum.

Step 2 - Starting The Clock

To start the clock carefully move the pendulum towards the right so that the escapement wheel releases its next tooth and looks as per the next image.

Step 2 - Starting The Clock continued…

Once the escapement wheel looks as per the image to the left, simply release the pendulum.

Step 3 - Setting the Time

To set the time, simply move the hands to the correct position. The hands move independently to each other so each one (hour, minute and second) will need setting independently.

Step 4 - Adjusting The Speed Of The Clock

Before shipping, your clock is tested and the speed is set, but being made from wood your clock speed may need slight adjustment when temperature and humidity levels change between the seasons.

Without going into the theory too much, the speed of the clock is defined by the length of the pendulum, a short pendulum will swing faster than a long one, so to adjust the clock speed the pendulum length needs to be changed.

At the bottom of the pendulum bob there is a small thumb wheel and direction indicator with plus and minus symbols. The thumb wheel is connected to a screw thread which slightly raises the bob when turned in the plus direction or lowers the bob when turned in the minus direction. This very slightly changes the length of the pendulum and therefore the speed of the clock.

Step 4 - Adjusting The Speed Of The Clock continued…

So if you find that your clock is running slow, it needs speeding up, stop the pendulum and turn the thumb wheel in the plus direction (to + speed), however if the clock is running fast, it needs slowing down by turning the thumb wheel in the minus direction (to - speed)

The amount you adjust the wheel depends on how fast or slow the clock is but I would recommend two or three passes as shown. Allow the clock to run for another 24 hours and if necessary repeat the process until the pendulum speed is fully optimised.