Where To Install Your Clock


Choosing a location to install your clock is fairly straightforward. The 8 icons below offer a quick visual guide to highlight the key points that need to be considered.

The pendulum hangs down below the clock. The weight and winding handle either side of the pendulum hang even lower and need to be able to rise and fall without hitting anything such as radiators, furniture, dado rails and any other decorative wall panels (skirting boards are low enough and therefore ok).

Install your mechanical wall clock on a smooth flat vertical wallInstall your wooden clock on a smooth flat vertical wall but beware of electrical wires and pipesInstall your wooden wall clock in an area that is not too busyInstall your unusual wall clock where temperature and humidity are reasonably constant
Do not install your unique wooden wall clock in direct sunlightDo not install your mechanical wall clock over a heat sourceDo not install your unusual wall clock in the airflow of a fanConsider pets and your  mechanical wall clock


Remember I’m just an email away, so if you are unsure about the location you have chosen and want to talk it through please send me a photo sales@ledaclocks.com