High Quality Kevlar Cord...

Kevlar cord used to support the weight on my pendulum clock

When selecting the cord used in my clocks I knew that it need to be strong and not wear, after trying several other cords I came across this 100% Dupont Kevlar cord and knew pretty much straight away that this was going to be the one for the job already knowing several application it was used in.

Kevlar is a synthetic fibre with an incredible tensile strength to weight ratio, resistance to wear and chemicals. It is used in many high end demanding applications such as bullet proof vests, military aircraft fuel tank reinforcing, racing yacht sails etc. With applications like this on its CV my clocks are going to be a breeze.

The Kevlar cord I have selected has a 300lb breaking strain, the weight on the clock exerts 2.2lb on the cord, it's going to be strong enough!


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