Instruction Manual - Contents Checklist

This checklist is to ensure that all of the items are enclosed prior to dispatch.

  • Clock Body x1
  • Clock Wall Frame x1
  • Clock Pendulum x1
  • Clock Winding Handle x1
  • Clock Weight x1
  • Clock Setup Template x1
  • Clear Acrylic Spirit Level x1
  • Drill Depth Gauge x1
  • Fischer Wall Plugs x6 +1 spare
  • Fixing Screw 60mm C’SK x6 +1 spare
  • Fixing Countersunk Washers x6 +1 spare
  • Fixing Screw Magnetic Cap x6 +1spare
  • Winding (reset) Spacer x1
  • Weight Spacer x1
  • Variable Mount Washer x1
  • Variable Mount Screws M2x16 C’SK x2 +1 spare
  • Variable Mount Magnetic Cap x1
  • Winding Cord Hanger x1
  • Winding Cord Hanger Screw M2x25 CAP x1 +1 spare
  • Weight Cord Hanger x1
  • Weight Cord Hanger Screw M2x25 CAP x1
  • 1.5mm Ball Ended Allen Key x1
  • Soft Dusting/Cleaning Brush x1
  • Instruction Manual x1
  • Certificate Of Authenticity x1


All items included Signed ………………………….