Instruction Manual - Unboxing

Unboxing may not seem like the most exciting part of receiving a new product, however as with the rest of this manual I urge you to read this section as it contains important information.

IMPORTANT: Delivery (damage due to shipping)

To ensure that your clock is handled with the utmost care we only use couriers with an outstanding reputation, however accidents do happen. When your clock is delivered, before signing for it check the box for visible damage.  If the box is damaged, decline the delivery (as frustrating as that may be) and ask the courier to return the parcel to LEDA Clocks. Please inform LEDA immediately that the clock has been returned due to damage.

Claiming compensation from the courier for damage due to shipping is a situation nobody wants, however if damage is noticed it is essential that delivery/unboxing is stopped immediately so that photographic evidence can be recorded and supplied with the claim.

Step 1

The shipping box will be clearly marked for which way is up. Place the box on a suitable flat surface and cut the tape either end. Then cut along the tape to release the two lid halves. DO NOT use a knife.

Step 2

Open the box to reveal the top panel of the clock packaging and the instruction manual.

Step 3

This step should say “read the instruction manual” but I know you’re not going to be able to stop yourself from lifting that top panel, so, place the instruction manual to one side and remove the top panel.

Step 4

You know it’s coming! Read the instruction manual and allow it to guide you through the next steps of the unboxing procedure.  No need to go through the whole thing at this stage, just from the front page up to where you are now.

IMPORTANT: Now that you have removed the top panel this is again another opportunity to check for damage due to shipping. If there is damage stop unpacking, take photos and contact LEDA. If all looks fine proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Remove the pendulum.

Step 6

Remove all the cardboard X packing posts, there are quite a few...

Remove the plastic bag containing all the tools and parts required for installation.

Your clock is held in with several screws which need removing in a certain sequence. The lime green tags are numbered 1-3 to help you identify which one to unscrew next. Let's start with “Tag 1”

Step 7

Tag 1 is easy to spot it's the one next to the green “Shipping Damage” warning note.

Tag 1 is protected by a hologram seal. Below the seal are the screws that need removing, but before you do anything please read the warning note.

Warning Note Text

Shipping Damage!
By removing the hologram seal you are confirming that your clock has been delivered with no shipping damage. If damage has occurred DO NOT remove the seal and contact immediately. Damage must be reported within 24 hours of delivery.

IMPORTANT: Beyond this point the courier will not accept compensation claims for shipping damage and therefore it is vital to check for damage one last time now that the packing around the clock has been removed. If there is damage DO NOT remove the hologram seal, take photos and contact LEDA. If all looks fine proceed to the next step.

Step 8

Above the hologram seal is a small tag with the word “LIFT” etched on.

Lift this tag to break away the tag and remove the hologram seal to reveal the screws underneath.

Step 9

Using the supplied 1.5mm allen key (see bagged parts) remove the two screws that have just been revealed.

Step 10

Remove the tag 1 and the “Shipping Damage” warning note.

Note: The clock has two main mounts and one (smaller) variable mount (some clocks have two variable mounts).  If the clock you have chosen has two variable mounts remove the “Tag 1” for this mount as well.

Step 11

The clock is held in place on the main mounts using magnets, which will need a very small amount of force to separate using the technique shown below.

Place your thumbs on the top of the round parts of the mounts (this is separate from the clock body). Place your fingers behind the clock body, and with both hands at the same time, pinch your fingers and thumbs together to carefully lift the clock body from the mounts.

Lift the body of the clock away. Find a suitable surface (not the floor) to rest the clock on while you unpack the rest of the clock.

Step 12

Using a pozi drive screwdriver remove all screws from lime Tags numbered with a 2 (there are usually 3 of them, however there may be 4 depending on the clock design)

Step 13

With all number 2 tags removed, lift the wall frame from the box.

Step 14

On to tags numbered with a 3. Items with tag 3 are held in place with zip ties.  The zip ties are the releasable type so there is no need to use cutters. There is a small lever on the head of the tie, simply pull the lever back to release the tie. These can be a little tricky to release but please be patient as this is the recommended method.

Not Recommended: If you do decide to use cutters be very careful not to damage the parts.

Step 15

Remove the cardboard base panel.

Remove the “Setup Template”

Step 16

That is the unpacking done. For installation you're going to need the Setup Template and Wall Frame, so these are the items to keep to one side. IMPORTANT: For safekeeping I would recommend to avoid damage to the clock, that you repack items in the box that are not required at the moment. Only remove them from the box when the instructions call on them.

Place the cardboard top and base panels back into the bottom of the box.

Place the clock body, weight, winding handle and bag parts back in the box. IMPORTANT: if you need to move the box while the parts are being stored for safekeeping, beware that the loose weight is no longer secured and could roll about and damage the clock.


Congratulations you have completed this section!

You may have already chosen where you would like to install your clock, however please read the next section “Where To Install Your Clock” as there are some really useful points that need to be pointed out and considered before you reach for the drill...


I’m Here For You

Please note that an online version of this manual can be found at Help & Support This online version will be the most up to date but most importantly has full resolution images that can be enlarged if you are struggling viewing the smaller printed versions.

If you have any problems or questions during the installation please feel free to contact me on the contact details below. If in any doubt always ask…
Email - mobile - 074...see printed manual (leave a message if unanswered and I’ll call back as soon as I can). Darren