Tree Of Life wooden mechanical pendulum wall clock finished in walnut with oak leaves
Tree Of Life wooden mechanical wall clock full front view showing pendulum and drive weight
Tree Of Life wooden gear mechanical wall clock on lounge wall
Tree Of Life wooden mechanical clock showing tree branch hour and minute hands
Tree Of Life wooden wall clock escapement mechanism with pallets
LEDA Logo etched onto the front face of the walnut Tree Of Life wooden clock
Tree Of Life wooden clock mechanism, underside view with drive weight
Tree Of Life wooden clock with grahams escapement wheel and pallets
Tree Of Life wooden pendulum wall clock, top view showing wooden gear train and oak leaves
Tree Of Life wooden mechanical wall clock pendulum with drive weight and winding handle
Tree Of Life wooden gear clock, showing walnut tree branches and oak leaves
Tree Of Life wooden pendulum clock showing the depth of the clock and rear mounting frame
Tree Of Life clock wooden with gear driving the hours hand
Tree Of Life wooden wall clock plan drawing and dimensions

Tree Of Life Wooden Clock - Mechanical Pendulum Wall Clock Finished In Walnut

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Just a quick note - I'm very proud of my clocks, I love designing and making them and want my customers to feel equally proud of their purchase.  It can be difficult to convey the quality of a product online, the feel of the wood, the sound of the ticking and so on.  If you would like to see the clocks you are more than welcome to visit me at my home studio where I have several clocks on display.  To arrange an appointment please contact me before visiting. Thanks Darren

Clock Description

Introducing my first clock in the Just Nature Collection "The Tree Of Life" finished in walnut with oak leaves.  The clock uses real wood veneers to offer that feel and warmth that is only achievable with hand finished real wood and creates an eye catching piece of art that is both unique and fascinating to watch.

The clock is weight driven with time keeping regulated by a swinging pendulum as per traditional clocks first invented in the mid 1600’s.  

Made using only the highest quality materials specially selected for their reliability and stability.

Key Features

  • Tree Of Life front and rear clock frames
  • Branch gear centres
  • Oak leaf time indicators at 12,3 and 9 with a squirrel at 6 o'clock
  • Oak leaves individually placed on branch tips
  • Branch with leaf detail hour, minute and second hands
  • Tree Of Life etch detail on pendulum bob

Product Video

Below is a short product video showing the clock slowly passing the time...  Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to see more upcoming clock designs.


Clock Key Specifications


Also See Dimension Drawing

  • Height - 1217mm
  • Width - 566mm
  • Depth - 181mm


  • Main Material Finish - Black American Walnut
  • Gear Material Finish - Black American Walnut
  • Marquetry Material - Oak
  • Clock Bearings - High Quality Deep Groove Sealed Ball Bearings, Maintenance Free
  • Shaft Material - Stainless Steel
  • Weight Cord - Wear Resistant Kevlar


  • Drive Power - Gravity Powered By a Weight (batteries not needed)
  • Winding - Pull Cord Winding For Speed & Ease
  • Run Time - 50 Hours
  • Pendulum Period - 2 Seconds
  • Escapement Design - Grahams Deadbeat (zero recoil)


Where Is Your Clock Going To Be Installed?

It's worth considering where your clock is going to be installed, below is a quick summary of the key considerations, please check my “Where To Install Your Clock” page for full details click here.

  • Install on a smooth flat wall that is vertical (check with a spirit level).
  • Consider avoiding busy areas where the clock could be easily knocked for example near a busy doorway.
  • Consider pets and how they will react to the swinging pendulum.
  • Do not install in direct sunlight.
  • Do not install where there are large fluctuations in temperature and humidity for example a conservatory.
  • Do not install above a heat source for example over a radiator.
  • Do not install in the air flow of a fan or air conditioner unit.
  • Consider the location of electrical switches, sockets and wall lights and the possibility of cables being buried in the wall.


What Happens Once My Order is Placed?

Order Confirmation - Once you place an order you will receive an automated order confirmation email, I will also send you another message regarding the free engraving, if you selected this option.

Building Your Clock - Your clock is made to order and requires around three weeks to cut, hand finish, assemble and thoroughly test. 

Shipping -  When testing begins I will contact you to arrange delivery at a convenient time.


Other Important Information

Material Variations - Please note that the clock is made using real wood veneers, a naturally occurring material which will vary in tone and grain pattern from piece to piece, therefore, although the same species is used, your clock will not exactly match those displayed in the images and product videos.  Its also worth mentioning that the type of lighting can change the tone of the material, some lighting will make the wood appear darker whilst warm lighting as used in the videos can give a considerably different feel.

I hope you found this page interesting and informative, however if you have any questions or comments about the page or any aspect of the site or clocks, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks again Darren

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